N3rgul is the multigenre electronic project of Canadian-American producer Nickk Dropkick. Based out of Toronto, Ontario, N3rgul explores various experimental electronic genres and has a focus on creating music which attempts to push transgressions, in often seemingly schizophrenic ways. After emerging in the Slime-Punk and Witch-House music, N3rgul began to diversify into a plethora of different genres, with rapid releases in the years 2015 and 2016. As such, while still in its infant stage, the project is one which has innovated quite well in its experimentation. Nickk Dropkick is also present within music via his BlackGaze band Vāmācāra, as well as in being half of the noise-hop project Plebs & Fuckboys. The mantra of N3rgul’s art is transgressive experimentation, to make profane the sacrosanct and sacrosanct the profane, and to chaotically make music more absurd.

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