[EE017] Throne of Hell / N3rgul (30/11/2016)

(((THRΘNΣ ΘF HΣLL))) is meant to be a transgressive exploration of some of the more sinister aspects of existence. The album is largely instrumental, with industrial, trip hop, and witch house influences. Each song has its own approach to blending the styles in an eclectic and schizophrenic mix. This EP is N3rgul’s first release after relocating to the Republic of Korea and, like most witch house, the songs use skewed and custom ƑΘИ†§ to keep things on the down-low to a select audience – because often the mass spread of music and subsequent success in exposure can take desperation away from an artist’s reasons for music. (due to distribution restrictions, on some channels this typographic aspect was sadly stripped away) Art is an attempt to reconcile one’s alienation with humanity and (((THRΘNΣ ΘF HΣLL))) is my latest one.

discogs: [m1138148]

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