happy 2015 with a new mixtape!

right in the beginning of this year Cairo Braga releases his new mixtape in which he visits the legacy of Disco Music in the 1990’s and beyond. just like his previous ‘Dancefloor Obscura’, Cairo Braga confesses that this one also took a very long time to be finished due to various changes since its conception in 2010 until its final version released today.

revealing itself as the mistery behind the first of 3 dates announced by Cairo on his facebook page, this 1h selection brings an unreleased Madonna track, 90’s shibuya-kei, remixes of Disco classics and more to make you dance on a floor or on a chair with a tracklist divided in 2 sides just as any good tape should be.

you can know more, listen to and download ‘Disco Intentions’ in its page in our catalog.

(what do the 2 remaining dates mean? stay tuned…)