new colours in our horizon

hej everybody! Elegant Elephant founder/runner Cairo Braga here, how you all doing?

this netlabel was born from my very personal passion for music and my very stubborn inclination to make things happen even when the odds are against me, resisting artistically and politically. since 2012 I went from only artist to one of half-a-dozen artists released by Elegant Elephant (although I remain as the one-person-staff that runs it, hehehe) and I could extend the tools I found and built for myself to my peers, who also walk the path of being an independent artist inside a capitalist apocalypse.

during the last 6 months I’ve been thinking a lot about the complaints some queer artists I know make about the lack of a sense of community that extends itself to the questions concerning diffusion and distribution of their work. last December I worked in an international convention of people inside the music ecosystem, SIM São Paulo, and was able to participate in many roundtables and make contact with a lot of more experienced people from the méties. at the start of this year I decided something that should have been obvious to me from the start: Elegant Elephant will explicitly become a netlabel focused on artists that identify as queer and/or women (without completely excluding hetero-cis men). changes on our visual id, website and social networks were already made to reflect that.

so I’m declaring that, from LGBTQ+ Pride Month 2017 on, this netlabel is officially a queer netlabel. or better yet: the queer netlabel!

if you are or know artists that identify as queer and/or women, please get in touch, we are here to build a community and contribute with everyone who wants to.

thanks for supporting us, please keep supporting us and every independent artist you can. now let’s make music and release it to the world!

(more news to come soon regarding Netlabel Day 2017, which is just one week away, stay tuned)